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Brazil Butt Lift® Master Series

What is the Brazil Butt Lift Master Series?

  • The 30-day advanced workout program that will train you like a supermodel.
  • A comprehensive workout program that helps tighten your core, develop long, lean muscles, and perfect your booty, while toning your sexiest all-over bikini body in just 30 days.

How does Brazil Butt Lift Master Series work?

    • Leandro’s proven TriAngle Training method works the three major muscles of the buttocks: the gluteus maximus, medius, and minimus—from countless angles. It’s Leandro’s unique angles that enable you to focus on the “heads” of your muscles (where they attach to your pelvic bone and hamstrings) for the sexiest results. This is why Brazil Butt Lift Master Series can shape, lift, and firm your booty like no other workout.
    • With the Master Series, Leandro adds more resistance, more angles, and specialized training tools like the stability ball. In addition to developing your legs, arms, and bum bum, these tools keep your core engaged with every move to help get your best-ever overall bikini body.

Your tips for success:

  • Follow Leandro’s fitness and nutrition plan for best results.
  • Consider upgrading to the Plus or Elite Kit. They include more tools to help you get your round, lifted booty even faster.
  • To jump-start your results, begin your 30-day program with the Weekend in Brazil 3-Day Cleanse, Leandro’s exclusive slimming plan.
  • Order from your Coach or Team Beachbody® and get the bonus Cardio Carnivale workout—a $19.95 value—FREE!

What’s included in Brazil Butt Lift Master Series Base Kit?

    • 3 butt-perfecting workouts on 3 DVDs
    • Stability Ball to engage your core with every move, for your ultimate bikini body
    • Sculpting Guide and Master Series 30-Day Calendar, to show your daily workouts and track your results
    • FREE GIFT: Weekend in Brazil 3-Day Cleanse, Leandro’s special plan to jump-start your results
    • FREE online support available 24/7

What tools are available to challenge advanced users?

Move up to the Plus Kit and get everything in the Base Kit, plus:

    • 5-lb. Adjustable Ankle Weights that let you choose the precise weight to develop greater strength and resistance
    • Our proven, all-natural Slimming Formula to help you burn even more fat

Opt for the Elite Kit and you’ll get everything in the Base & Plus Kit, plus:

  • The Yoga Mat to help cushion your knees and ankles
  • The Foam Roller specially designed to help your muscles release after Master Series workouts
  • The Foam Roller Recovery Guide that shows you exercises for speedy postworkout recovery

Who is Leandro Carvalho?

  • Trains some of the world’s top lingerie supermodels
  • Leads sold-out classes at hot NYC gyms
  • Multi-certified expert in fitness and former ballet dancer

Are there any bonus workouts?

    • Cardio Carnivale. Get sexy curves with this fun, fast-paced Brazilian dance workout that tones you head to toe. FREE when you order from your Coach or Team Beachbody.

Brazil Butt Lift® Master Series – FAQ

Use these FAQ to help heighten your income potential when selling Brazil Butt Lift® Master Series.

1) What kind of workouts are in Brazil Butt Lift Master Series?

  • Bikini Body sculpts sexy muscles all over with the stability ball and hand weights.
  • Higher & Tighter elevates your bum bum and trims your core with advanced moves using the stability ball.
  • In Ipanema Booty you’ll shape a firm, round booty using heavier ankle weights.
  • The bonus Cardio Carnivale workout is a fun, fast-paced dance workout that tones sexy curves from head to toe.

3) How can my customers get the best results with Brazil Butt Lift Master Series?

To be successful, your customers should use the following tools and nutritionals consistently throughout the program.


  • Stability ball
  • Dumbbells
  • Sculpting Guide
  • Nutrition Plan found in the Sculpting Guide


  • Shakeology®
  • P90X® Results and Recovery Formula®
  • ActiVit® Multivitamins
  • E&E Energy and Endurance™ Formula

4) When customers order Brazil Butt Lift Master Series through me, is a Team Beachbody® Exclusive available?

Yes! Get sexy curves with Cardio Carnivale, fun, fast-paced Brazilian dance workout that tones you head to toe. This high-energy dance party will help you raise your heart rate, burn fat, increase lung capacity, strengthen your heart—and get bikini-ready.

5) Is there a Brazil Butt Lift Master Series Challenge Pack? What does it include?

Yes! You’ll get a Brazil Butt Lift Master Series Base Kit, Shakeology Home Delivery*, and a 30-Day TBB Club Trial**†.

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