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Is There A Gap In Your Core?

by: Kim

What are you missing? Something is missing if you’re not reaching your goals, if you are never able to lose weight, if you’re never able to finish a workout program, or if you are never able to get a handle on your nutrition.  ET refers to what is missing as “the gap”.

It’s time to dig deeper into your core values and examine why you need this for your legacy? It’s not wrong to want to lose weight, look good and be an example of wellness, but if your “why” is for shallow reasons, or something very generic, you might have found your starting point for finding what it is missing in your core.  Simply saying, “I want to get in shape”, is not going to be the inner strength you have to daily find in order to keep digging deep and reach that goal.

If you’re not finding success is your “why” to self-centered?  Think about what adjustments you need to make your “why” so that your success is greater that materialistic, or shallow gains. Stop letting people and things get to your feelings and allow you to get frustrated and knock you off your game plan for success.  Instead stick with your values and stick with why you need a workout program, nutrition, and overall wellness in your life. What is your LEGACY going to be?

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I am a wife and a mother of 3 who is fighting with fitness and nutrition to overcome disabilities caused by auto-immune problems. I praise God for my new abilities and allowing me to still be alive to share my knowledge and experience with others and help them on their own journey in life for better wellness.

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